The A to Z list to marketing your business

Small business owners are acutely aware of how crucial marketing is for their success. But with so many strategies, tactics, and tools to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which ones will make an impact on their annual goals. For that reason, we’ve created an A-Z marketing blueprint full of powerful strategies and techniques to maximize marketing results and success.


Create an effective marketing to-do list

This A to Z written marketing list is designed to provide an easy-to-follow and comprehensive overview of the essential elements of successful marketing.


Letter A


If prospects don’t see & recognize you, it will never lead to sales.


Letter B


Protecting the company brand is everyone’s responsibility.


Letter C


Track, measure, and improve customer satisfaction.


Letter D


Critical for sales growth and building an authoritative online presence.


Letter E


Avoid vanity metrics. Pinpoint the signals that matter to prospects.


Letter F


Implement UFM, a simple sales funnel to grow your business.


Letter G


The one thing your business must do now for better rankings.


Letter H


Create user-friendly titles to get your content seen on Google.


Letter I


Build brand awareness. Strive for 7X digital impressions of your target market(s).


Letter J


Stop wasting time and money if it doesn’t help your business grow.


Letter K


Words matter for rankings. Do your keyword homework – what do users want?


Letter L


Set a smart target for lead generation. Strive for 10X leads for every new customer needed.


Letter M


Avoid the 8 common mistakes every marketer makes.


Letter N


Measure customer satisfaction with the Net Promoter Score®


Letter O


Continually tweak marketing and content for improved results.


Letter P


Sales and Marketing: Strong collaboration is key to success.


Letter Q


Efficient and effective technique to connect with customers.


Letter R


Protect retention. Keep an eye on your repeat purchase rate.


Letter S


Create human-centered SEO to get higher rankings.


Letter T


Learn how to calculate Total Accessible Market.


Letter U


Focus on human-optimized marketing to meet user needs.


Letter V


Take time to celebrate team success & accomplishments.


Letter W


Don’t lose another deal. Analyze your performance.


Letter X


If you spend $X, can you get 10X back in revenue?


Letter Y


YouTube is everywhere. Your business must be on it.


Letter Z


Construct a $ and time budget aligned to a customer journey.



26 indispensable tips for creating a comprehensive A to Z marketing strategy

From increasing your Leads (L) to strengthening Digital Marketing (D), our comprehensive A to Z marketing checklist is the perfect resource for everyone looking to supercharge their customer marketing results this year.

Creating effective marketing doesn’t need to be difficult if you know which strategies to pursue for your business. Utilize our A-Z list as a launching point when writing an individualized marketing plan for your company. Small business owners now have a robust marketing checklist to make informed decisions about how best to promote their businesses. By adhering to our blueprint and keeping focused on what matters—your business—you will be able to build effective marketing. Best of luck!



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