What the Frack is a Fractional CMO?

What the Frack is a Fractional CMO?! Listen to the benefits of becoming one.

In this video interview, I share my personal journey about starting my own executive fractional marketing company to help other small businesses succeed.

The definition of a fractional CMO

A fractional executive marketer is a part-time chief marketing officer who adds seasoned expertise and experience at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee – all without adding headcount to the payroll. Think of it as on-demand executive staffing to meet the ebb and flow demands of a business.


Do you ever wonder:

“Why do companies hire fractional leaders?”


“How to monetize your wisdom?”


“If you have the guts to start your own business?


“And be good at it?”

Listen to the personal and professional benefits of becoming a fractional CMO.

Fractional marketing helps small businesses succeed and deliver profitable results.


Ready to take the leap as a fractional marketer? Where to find fractional CMO?

There is a whole community of marketers out there who have joined the fractional marketing world. Just ask. We would be delighted to share our wisdom and help you get started.


Keeping marketing accountable



Jessica Kelley is a seasoned leader with more than two decades of marketing and finance experience in B2B and B2C channels. She has worked extensively within healthcare, consumer, commercial, and software industries in diverse environments ranging in size from a $200 billion corporation to a startup firm. Her company, HPZ Marketing is an interim CMO and fractional CMO business and is certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as a Women’s Business Enterprise and Women Owned Small Business (WOSB). They provide interim and fractional executive marketing services to help businesses achieve marketing ROI with executable strategy and a relentless focus on customer acquisition and retention. Learn more about hiring a fractional CMO for your business.