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Would you risk your job for customers?

We fundamentally understand the importance and value of customers to our businesses. Duh! How many times have we said out loud – “The customer is always right” or “customers are king” to prove a point or solve a problem… Easier said than done, right?

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7 deadly marketing sins

Marketing has spent too much money on new shiny tech tools to get reams of data analytics, often losing sight of customer needs. We are spending more time mired in the data than on getting new customers and keeping them satisfied!

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Make your website accessible

I’ve been fighting for the Americans with Disabilities Act years before it was passed into a law. My brother was born deaf and I’ve been sticking up for him since I was a little girl. How is this relevant to my fractional marketing business today? Because it is a law that all websites must be ADA compliant.

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Fractional CMO explained

You likely have heard this term recently, but are puzzled to what it means, and even feel silly asking for an explanation. After all, it’s embarrassing to admit you don’t know, especially if you’re a CEO or even a marketing leader.

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3 things I learned during COVID-19

There is no playbook navigating COVID-19 as a business owner. How can we help clients and prospects without sounding hollow or opportunistic? Our emails boxes are overflowing with empty offers of help. Taking a pause, I’m sharing three reflections I’ve experienced during the pandemic.

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