Hiring an Interim CMO

Is there a need to fill a marketing vacancy immediately?

An interim CMO can provide immediate executive leadership, day-to-day operational oversight and support the marketing team to achieve revenue growth and profitable results.


The benefitsCalculate CMO budget

A CMO, or Chief Marketing Office, on interim basis may be part-time or full-time and is responsible for driving marketing strategy in all marketing functions. This includes setting marketing objectives digital transformation, customer experience, demand generation, martech stacks, and omni marketing practices.


They experienced marketers are supportive and compassionate leaders helping the marketing team, executive team and customers.

Protect Business Continuity

They hit the ground running on day 1 and thrive working with a relentless focus on delivering sales and profitable results.

Champion Team Performance

They have exceptional people skills and are role models for leading, influencing, and uniting teams to succeed.

Fresh Skillsets & Perspective

You get a candid new set of eyes and unique deep expertise that you wouldn’t normally be able to afford.


Interim CMOs vary in abilities and skillset

Our marketing strategy centers on customers.

Get customers. Retain customers.

We focus on marketing strategy on the customer journey, aligning business outcomes with budget and revenue.

What are the duties Interim CMOs?

The primary responsibility of an interim Chief Marketing Officer is to oversee the development of comprehensive marketing plans and implementation of the company’s marketing strategy.

The temporary CMO should have a successful track record and relevant experience in these demonstrated skills:

  • Agile approach to marketing
  • Swift and decisive decision-making
  • Flawless execution, and
  • Inspire sales and marketing team
  • Nurture customer engagement

Interim CMOs may also be responsible for recruiting candidates and onboarding the new CMO/VP marketing replacement.

Selecting the right interim CMO for your business

Choose the right Interim CMO | Interview multiple people for company fit and their methodology | HPZ marketing

Interview several people to check for the best fit and their philosophies

An interim CMO wisely guides you on strategies and tactics to deliver ROI

An interim CMO directs the team on strategies and tactics to deliver ROI

An interim CMO helps prepare the team for their new leader

And preps the marketing department for a successful handoff to the new leader

What benefits can a company expect when hiring an interim Chief Marketing Officer?


  • A world-class
  • Hardworking
  • Results-oriented
  • Battle-tested leadership skills
  • Marketing expert

Added bonus!

Providing an additional boost in people power to nurture and calm teams throughout the transition to a new leader.

Now that an interim CMO has been hired, what are their next steps?

The temporary CMO should immediately jump in keeping your company’s best interests at heart with complete candor and neutrality

The marketing leader will be a role model for guiding and uniting your teams.

They will be a catalyst for achieving marketing goals and contribute revenue growth.

This interim role will construct a marketing strategy with a detailed marketing plan.

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