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Marketing is integral to the success of any business. Yet, you might be unsure or overwhelmed on what to do with your marketing in 2023. How much should you invest in marketing? How much return can you expect on your investment? Will it help you acquire new customers and retain existing ones?

The below tips will help you hone your skills to create marketing strategies and tactics that work!

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Commit to building your marketing muscles | HPZ Marketing can help

Build your marketing muscles

Aspiring to get healthier requires intentional diet and exercise over time. The same applies to marketing – you need to commit to building your marketing muscles.

Create your own simple sales funnel | HPZ Marketing

Create your own simple sales funnel

This process is ideal for small business. Don’t bother with a software-based CRM system. You can create your own with just post-it notes, a sharpie, and pencil.

Fractional marketing services

What is fractional marketing?

Have you heard of Fractional Marketing? Maybe not. A fractional CMO may be a solution if your company is struggling to grow for any reason. A fractional CMO gives you the expertise and skillset to execute effective strategies while remaining laser-focused on revenue. Here are some scenarios to determine if a part-time CMO is right for you

  • We can’t find the right marketing leader.
  • We don’t know our marketing ROI and are tired of spending money without results.
  • Sales and marketing clash over lead quality. (They fight like cats and dogs!)
  • We struggle setting a marketing budget.
  • We need an actionable strategy that our entire team can understand.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above statements, your company might benefit from a fractional marketing executive.


Small Business Marketing Insights

Customer-based budgeting

Customer-based budgeting

Explore our customer-based budgeting process designed for CMOs. This blog offers a strategic framework for aligning your marketing budget with customer acquisition and retention goals, ensuring your investments drive meaningful business growth. Discover how to gain CFO approval and set your marketing strategies on the path to success.

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Are CMO’s prepared for AI?

Are CMO’s prepared for AI?

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming a game-changer in marketing, and CMOs need to be prepared for its integration into their marketing. However, many CMOs may not yet fully understand the potential impact of AI in marketing or have the necessary knowledge to effectively implement it. Ultimately, CMOs who embrace AI and use it strategically will undoubtedly gain a significant edge over their competitors, paving the way for unprecedented growth.

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