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Video Transcript: S is for Security



John Arms co-founder, Voyageur University

Jessica Kelley, CEO, HPZ Marketing

Transcribed by Edna Ahts (Thank you!)

[Audio Length: 00:02:47]


John Arms:   

Specifically, I would love you talk a little bit about the “S” in Wasted and that stands for Security. The “S” in Wasted stands for Security. Talk a little bit about in your previous life, your job is not as secure as you think and the other aspects of the “S”.


Jessica Kelley:

That’s a really important word that I think a lot of folks are wrestling with during our challenging times. Security. No one is looking out for your security but you.


John Arms:

That’s a big concept.


Jessica Kelley:

It’s a big concept. And as a W-2 employee, there is no security, there is no security there. And what does that fill you with? Worry. You’re worried about losing your job, you’re about your team members, your staff and that’s time lost. That is time lost that you will never get back. And as a business leader of my own business, that time is so important, where that “worry” you can be spending on investing in your business.


First of all, as a W-2 and that insecurity and that worry, when you are your own business, that’s your deal. You own it, you make 100% of the decisions, you’ve never had that power in decision-making. That takes away the “worry” of the security.


John Arms:

You’re telling me how safe you feel investing in yourself.


Jessica Kelley:



John Arms:

And having autonomy with the decisions you make.


Jessica Kelley:

Absolutely. And for those folks who are W-2 folks, I knew two times that I was going to be RIF’d, meaning 86’d, pink slip. Someone said to me, “Oh, I’m so excited to join your team.” First of all I hadn’t listed those job roles, so I knew someone was in the background taking me off the ORG chart and putting other people in place. There’s no security there.