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Operate Your Portfolio Career as an Entrepreneur

Video Transcript: O is for Operate



John Arms co-founder, Voyageur University

Jessica Kelley, HPZ Marketing

Transcribed by Edna Ahts (Thank you!)

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John Arms:   

The “O” in Explorer is for Operate. When you have a portfolio career and you’re voyaging out doing that, operating your portfolio business is something new to folks. I wonder if you could talk a little bit about how you operate your portfolio career, your fractional life, your various things you have going on and maybe even learn forward it and keep it going well.


Jessica Kelley:

It’s a million things you must do, but do not get overwhelmed with them. You pick the ones you’re going to tackle this week and do them and then get the satisfaction of checking it off the list so you can continue moving forward. And then before you know it, you look back at a month and see at all you’ve accomplished and then you can celebrate in that success.


John Arms:

Is that a big part of just that simple act of checking it off the list?


Jessica Kelley:

For me it is. Why is that?


John Arms:

I don’t think you’re alone there.


Jessica Kelley:

There is satisfaction. Because as a business owner you wear lots of hats. You are CEO, you clean the toilets and it can get overwhelming and it can get really lonely, as well. So, being able to know, yes, you have this, yes, you can do it, it’s scary, but it’s your scary. I think it’s important for folks to remember on the operate portion, why are you doing this? Think about how far you would go for your customer. In the W-2 world, I would say, would you risk your job for a customer? In that aspect, it’s easy to keep the “O” in mind because it’s all about customers and what do you have to do for that. That’s the Operate.