Unified Funnel Metrics:

A Proven Customer Journey Funnel Method

Our secret sauce centers around customers. Get customers. Keep customers. We solve it as a marketing math problem aligning outcomes with budget and revenue, entirely focused onthe customer journey.



Unified Funnel Metrics is sticky-note simple to see results and the opportunities for the entire customer journey in one place.

Define the market opportunity.

Calibrate sales funnel operations at each stage of the customer journey to maximize return.

Execute. Measure. Adjust. Grow.

Three ways Unified Funnel Metrics makes you effective:

UFM is #1UFM supports both customer acquisition AND customer retention. You cannot focus on just one. Customers are the same in both cases!


​UFM focuses attention on customer needs for each stage of their journey, creating focused metrics tied to business objectives.

#3 icon​UFM mirrors the client experience, forcing data, processes, departments to conform to the client’s journey.

The 7 stages explained:

Market Demand

How many potential prospects are in your target audiences? Do you really know how many customers are out there – and that you can realistically capture? If you don’t, you have no way of knowing if you’re successful or not.


You can’t sell something to someone who just met you. To buy from you, people need to trust you. To trust you, they need to know you first. It’s the first step. You likely already excel at this!


Expressions of interest come in plenty of forms, but if you don’t recognize the signs, it’s hard to improve. Prospects give lots of signals that they’re interested. We need to figure out the right attraction signals for YOU.


You’re not in business if you can’t do this, so take heart. You’re probably good at it. But could it be better?! Do you have enough opportunities to BE good at it?


Most companies are so happy with the sale that they forget to ask how it’s going. (Really!)

Repeat Purchase

If your customers aren’t satisfied the first time, and you don’t know (or never asked) why not, the chances of a second purchase drop dramatically.


Advocates are GOLD. You may know who they are, but let’s be honest, do you take them for granted? Could you be doing more?